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Moving Watercolor Lyrics

    To transcend myself and my yesterday is the best challenge for me.
    Art creation means that artists must think of, find and select the elements of the best beauty from the original mixture of life. Then they will—with their high skills and technique—abstract, strengthen and present the hidden beauty on the paper. The viewers can then enjoy the beauty from the artist’s perspective or vision.

American Student   http://guanweixing.com/y0406-1/y0406-1.htm

Aged man(Past Presidents NWS Award)    http://guanweixing.com/y0406-2/y0406-2.htm

Miao girls in full dress    http://guanweixing.com/ysouminogal/ysouminogal.htm

First look into the world    http://guanweixing.com/ychildgal/ychildren1.htm

Little Xishuangbanna monk    http://guanweixing.com/ychildgal2/ychildgal2.htm

Peasants viewing opera    http://guanweixing.com/yxiangqing/yxiangqing.htm

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