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Omid Niayesh

Iranian  Writer and  Journalist; born in 1977 in Tabriz - a Turkic city in  Azerbaijan Province, Northwestern  Iran  Started his early works in oil on canvas, and black and white paintings, taking lessons from Morteza Nakhjovani(1915-2003), a Realist Azeri Artist in early 1990s, he then continued painting with water -color for  many years.  Presently he paints both with water-color and black and white.  His main interest in writing is mostly literature and history. Omid Niayesh’s published books: Azerbaijan and Identity - Tehran, 2001 / Dr Sadiq and Azerbaijani Identity - Tehran, 2002/ From ALTAYS to our SAHAND - Tehran, 2003 / A Review in Azerbaijani Turkic Syntax - Tehran, 2003

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omid niayesh

Tehran, Iran

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E-mail: omidniayesh@hotmail.com

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