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fish-art-and-more watercolors and scluptures of fish and guitars check out my vision of multi-color fish they are meant to enjoy and to add definition to any and all aspects of home or office walls. my sculptures are somewhat humorest yet amazing to decorate any persons decor.you'll not be disappointed alot of love&labor in each piece.


take a chance.

I'll personally guarantee your happiness with my work.all of my prints are 100 or less in distribution and all scluptures are one of a kind. no two alike my prints are from $15.00 or less and scluptures are $100.00 or less. own something that no one else has or can get. my promise.

Contact Information:
michael shawn norton
176 Rainey Rd .
Slidell , La 70458

Work Phone: same
Home Phone: (985)645-0673
Fax: none
E-mail: fishart@charter.net or fishartandmore@hotmail

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