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ART is my LIFE!!

Art has been a curse and a blessing.

The curse part came about back when I was in school. I grew up in a small town and I always thought I was the best artist in school. When a new boy moved to town and started school, my curse and a war began. He was very good at drawing "hot-rods" and cartoon characters. I had to show everyone I was as good or better than he was so I would draw during class. The teacher would always catch me and take away my artwork so I would have to start all over in the next class. I tried to have something to show at lunch time and recess and he would be showing his growing circle of patrons his masterpieces of the day. It seem apparent that we were in for a battle royal until one day he came up to me a asked to see some of my work. Well, I was shocked to say the very least. We compared our artwork and started pointing out things that were good and bad about each. I'll bet you know how this story ends. We became the best of friends and started doing our artwork for the school paper. My family was very poor and so was his,so, a pencil and paper were all we had to work with. We made do with what we had and between us created many pieces of art for the paper. That was many years ago, but, I've never forgotten that point in my early art life. Art has been a blessing because it has brought much joy to me and those around me. I have worked with pastel, oil, india ink, but, have settled on watercolor because of the challange. I live in the Napa Valley of California and have before me a treasure chest of landscapes and still life. I work at home in a small studio behind my home. I have recently started doing "computer art" dealing with wildlife conservation.

I have never made money at art

I paint for the pleasure of seeing an object come to life before my eyes. I love the richness of the colors of the paint and the textures of the papers in watercolor. I know, as many artists do, that my next one will be a "masterpiece".

Contact Information:

edward l bila
11 hoffman ave
napa, ca 94559

Work Phone: 707-257-7825
Home Phone:
Fax: 707-257-1785
E-mail: ebila@iWon.com

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