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Econspreneurship Project 2004


Hey dudes, especially u JC1s, the 1st 3 months is coming to an end. But wait a moment...how about you guys and gals getting your 'o' level results and choose to leave for another college, or even go to Poly? Would'nt you like something to remember, and a sovenir to keep as a momento and display item? Here is a brief description of our product: -ingredients used in the production would basically comprise hair gel/sand, dye with a wide range of colours to choose from and glitterings -your name would be displayed in the tube -neoprint, cartoon or celebrity pics(optional-bring along if you want them to be inclusive, but without extra charge) -other small items suggested Price: Not yet confirmedbut have decided for the cost to be around $2 to $3.(It's very reasonable; bet you can't get this item anywhere else!)

These some of the following details to take note of:

CoMe N tRy!

As we are keen to serve every TPJCian in the best possible way, we'll do our best to satisfy your demand and wants...

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