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His first Exhibition at Art Council Karachi was at the behest of Iqbal Mehdi in the year 1986, followed by Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad, Galerie Sadequain, Karachi, Art Collectors Gallery, Karachi. Unlike other artists his mode of water colour is different. He soaks the sheet in water & allows it to dry a little then quickly he applies pigments and finishes it off before it dries out. In this way he achieves the required tint to show the depths & heights as per him "visions". It is just like wet plaster Fresco painting method. Cotton swabs and brushes are his basic tools. "Sunshine through Bamboo Groove" is the testimony. At present he is working in oil & his basic style combines abstract and impressionism. All his oils depict a sort of emotional restlessness mingled with mental distortion of humanity in all walks of life today. It is a global phenomenon. The spiritual turmoil, the restless soul, the stressful mental cauldron is shown through the shackling surface lines over the painting. Aamir has yet to go far to learn more about technical rendering and mood and language of colours. He has to go far & wide to catch real pick of life in painting. Though he says he is yet chasing it relentlessly, success and satisfaction is yonder yet.

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