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Welcome to the Studio!

Welcome to my studio. Enjoy seeing paintings and prints, browse, and even buy a gift for yourself or a friend. If you don't see paintings of subjects you are interested in, please e-mail me at z_sdogateit@yahoo.com.


Artist's Statement

“Less is more; it is often harder to work in a loose manner as every line and brushstroke must be perfect since there may be only a couple of lines and the brushstrokes must define the form. It is also extremely important to try not to rework the painting but get it all down in the first session in order to keep the flow and motion fresh. I’ve found that if I don’t concentrate on this aspect the work looks wooden and doesn’t feel as though it is about to move off the page and go on with its life.”

Contact Information:

Zipora Hartov
34 Park Ave.
Flemington, NJ 08822

Work Phone: 908-237-1467
Home Phone: 908-237-1467
Fax: 908-237-1467
E-mail: z_sdogateit@yahoo.com

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