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Zichi's Japanese Studio

Zichi's Japanese Studio

In November 2002 we moved our studio from the Japan Alps to Kobe City.Impressionist acrylic/watercolour paintings of the Japanese Landscape. UK born and educated artist, International artist for 30 years. Acrylic/watercolour on silk, canvas, hand made papers, wood panel, Japanese silk paper.


Living the Dream

"I seek to understand nothing, for nothing is our life experience.I paint the landscape to remind myself, and others, of that which gives and supports life; therefore both precious and sacred without any connection to any God. Only individual responsibility and respect. Mother Earth is hurting and bleeding and needs our respect and help, otherwise what is the future... Since living in Japan, 1994-, I've tried to experience that which is essentially of the West; and that, which is essentially of the East; and to discover my place between. I have been painting for 30 years, which is enough time to understand a little, but the sngle most important, is to live with courage and without fear.I live solely by making paintings; exhibiting paintings and selling paintings. This kind of life needs great courage, living life on the edge. Living every single moment, wasting none. To know victory, we must also know defeat. I believe that its possible to live one's dream if one has great determination to overcome all obstacles on the way. To-days defeat is tomorrows victory.Never lose your dream!

Contact Information:
Zichi's Japanese Studio
Zichi Lorentz
8-8 Gonomiyacho Hyogo-Ku
Kobe City Hyogo Prefecture, 652-0007

Work Phone: 078-360-6775
Home Phone: 078-360-6775
Fax: 078-360-6775
E-mail: zichilorentz@yahoo.co.uk

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