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Zaid and Mariam

Why you should read this

the purpose of this website is for people to learn more about our perfect relationship, and how it has been a great experience for both of us.Mariam had nothing to do with this and she finds this very cheesy. However, Zaid thinks that this could help young individuals to understand more about how to be a perfect couple. Unfortunatly it's very unlikely to find such a cute couple so please nock on the wood NOW! AND SAY MASHALAH:).

Music they like

Thank you for Loving us

We thank you for taking you time in reading this website that mariam and mostly zaid has put alot of efffort into, and we hope that you've enjoyed it. We also would appreciate it if you would put a word of mouth about this site as it would give us more feedback of how we could improove on this perfect site. Cheers, and have a great day

Contact Information:

Zaid Mariam Rodabinaquil

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 050-7348174
E-mail: perfectcouples@hotmail.com

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