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The Art of Focus - Paintings by Yifang Guo

The Art of Focus

For more than 30 years, he has devoted himself to water color media painting. In the recent 10 years, through his odservation and research, he descovered the nature of the human sight, which is when our eyes are looking at something at any giving moment, only one spot-the focal point will translate into a clear image, all else are visible but vague. The rapid movement and refocusing of the eyes deceives us into thinking we see everything clearly. In each his painting only one spot is clear. This speciall style made his work stand out of other art become the most creative art. Fleeting moment, focal point. This is the basic nature of his paintigs, weaving through the pursuit of his artistic expression and creativity.

Selected exhibitions

web sites: www.yifangguo.com www.worldfineart.com/Guo

Contact Information:
The Art of Focus
Yifang Guo
P.O.Box 594
Bedford, MA 01730

Work Phone: 781-274-6957
Home Phone: 617-650-7872
E-mail: guo2000_net1@msn.com

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