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My love for art spans three decades. As a child I loved to draw. It just seemed to come to me naturally and I especially enjoyed trying to draw pictures of natural things like insects and flowers and goldfish etc. I always did well in art classes in high school. Ive never had any formal training in painting but my love of it has allowed me to see things and imagine things that ordinarily I may have never realized. Here I am almost five years past retirement and I've just in the past six months, discovered the wonder of watercolor painting.I must confess it's given me great joy and a chance to share things as I see them with others. I only hope I can grow in this medium to the point that I may at least earn a double take from someone who really knows what art is about. At least that's a goal,but the real pleasure is pouring out my imagination with wet paint.

I'm Hoping

Did you find my work interesting or intriguing or perhaps laughable? Whatever y

Contact Information:
WOS Enterprises
William Oscar Smith
7405 Woolston Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 18138

Work Phone: 215 549 8456
Home Phone: retired
Fax: 215 549 3316
E-mail: whillow@rcn.com

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