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Vinita Pappas

My name is Vinita Pappas and I’m a watercolor artist. I love to paint in a loose method; a technique that brings out the best of the watercolor medium. At my website create38.com you will find watercolor demonstration videos, watercolor tips, art marketing advice, my blog about my art & life and my paintings.

Visit my website:  www.create38.com

Why I Paint

As a painter, my goal is to express the joy, beauty and passion of everyday life. In my watercolor paintings I like to capture common moments and scenes; the afternoon light on a farm, the morning glow of a street scene. There is a romance to our daily events that is often overlooked. Painting helps me see more beauty in life.


I’ve been creative all my life and somewhere along the way decided it was time to take it seriously. I’m basically a self-taught artist. What that means is that I found the people who I wanted to emulate…the artists who were actually painting great already, and learned from them! Essentially I hand-selected my teachers and designed my own education. So I’ve learned from some of the top watercolor artists in the world.  Not too long after I started painting, my friends began asking me to teach. Since then, painting, exhibiting and teaching have been a part of my life. Recent Exhibits and Awards
  • Vice President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon
  • Plein Air Painters of Oregon Open Exhibition, “Celebrate Oregon”
  • Solo exhibit, Fisher’s Flowers and Fine Art
  • Grand Prize Winner, Mirror Pond Gallery National Pastel and Watercolor Exhibition
  • Chosen for 2009 Greatest of the Grape Featured Artist and Poster Art
  • Best of Show Award, “Hundred Valleys”, Umpqua Valley Art Association
  • Achievement Award from the Watercolor Society of Oregon 43rd Annual Aqueous Media Exhibition

How I Paint With Watercolor

With every painting, I strive for more simplicity and abstraction. I want to portray as much as possible in as few brush strokes as possible. The result is a painting that engages the viewer. I’ve done my job when someone experiences a personal connection with a painting.

As far as technique, I set my standards pretty high. That doesn’t mean I’m near painting perfection, it means I throw away a lot of paintings! There is a price to pay for a fresh looking painting; a high mortality rate. During a workshop I took from Frank Webb he said, “Watercolors always start out beautiful, but we slowly kill the beauty. Oftentimes painters cease being painters and turn into morticians.”

It’s true that the life of a watercolor is a very fragile thing! To maintain the immediacy that I’m after, I work in three major steps. The first being a wash that transitions in color, value and temperature with so sign of a brush stroke. The second phase establishes the mid-tones and has to integrate color and subject. This is by far the most difficult step and is often where failure comes. The final stage is my favorite. I use calligraphic brush strokes with dark or bright colors. Using brush strokes is one way to personalize a piece. The more I paint, the more I appreciate seeing the hand of an artist in a painting.


email me:   vinitapappas@gmail.com

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