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Tomas Meraz developed himself as a Grapphic and Set Designer, , Cartoonist and Advertiser. But painting was, and has always been his most loved way of expression. Being an astray person, he reflects his emotions and inner feelings through painting. Becoming a dexterious artist who rules composition, form and color in a pure and delightful way. His art work is the product of combination of textures, color and the art itself to put forms together. He plays with techniques; watercolor, acrylic, ink, macotel over mayatex, oil, sculpting; and express through different styles; abstractionism, figurative, fantasy, naive, mexican art, cubism... Full of imagination each of every painting has life itself. He observes, meditates, thinks and in every thought he is conceiving a piece of art. He creates like a child, spontaneously and constantly. " Among all the artistic expressions, painting is my favorite, and I would not change it for anything else". He says. He evolves himself in canvas, paper, colors, oils, pencils, walls. And gently starts to play with them creating a new piece of art..

The Exhibitions


Sunday December 14, 1997. Another achievement in Meraz's career. Awarded with The Tlacuilo Award '97 for the best watercolorist of the Year, according with the Mexican Watercolor Society. Congratulations! Tlacuilo is a nahuatl (aztec) word wich means "painter". Aztec painters used to paint with water and powder colors that were mixed with water. They are some of the oldest watercolorist of the world! Mexican Watercolor Society is Directed by Artist Mr. Guati Rojo who also wants to preserve Aztec culture. Watch Tomas Meraz's work at http://www.baja.net.mx/meraz/meraz.htm

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Tomas Meraz
Mantarraya #125, Fidepaz
La Paz, BCS 23090

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E-mail: aguila@baja.net.mx

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