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Watercolor experimentation

Experimenting With Watercolors

Being that watercolor is a transparent media it lends itself not only to formal painting but to very interesting experimentation. The way the colors swirl and merge is quite fascinating and promote soul searching. The vivid splashes of wet on wet and other techniques make one look into color possibilities and unknown forms.


Love watercolors

Watercolors bring out the essence of life's forces in very bold and simple ways as well as very subtle and delicate ways. Watercolors makes one feel like one is advancing towards infinite destinations of unknown creative worlds and imaginative realms.

Contact Information:

Titana Maya Farouk
2470 Salina Street
Dearborn, MI 48120

Work Phone: 313 520 1325
Home Phone: 313 520 1325
E-mail: Titanaf@yahoo.com

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