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Professional artist, with over 40 years of experience will do a 20" x 30" watercolor rendering of your home,boat,auto,wildlife,seascape,landscape,favorite antique, cartoon,superhero or any subject from a photo or printed piece. Black and white photo can be painted in full color if desired. Average price, unframed, is $250 and up. all work guaranteed. Great gift for family or friends. Estimates can be given for special projects. Send your photo and any special instructions to address below.

Sample Watercolor Paintings (Commissioned)

To Order

Send your photo or example with special instructions to the address below, my E-mail or telephone 727-399-0952. Commercial Artwork is also avialable. Contact me for price schedule.

Contact Information:

Thomas R Demperio
9209 Seminole Blvd. Suite # 29
Seminole, FL 33772

Work Phone: 727-399-0952
Home Phone: 727-399-0952
E-mail: JEDEMPERIO@aol.com

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