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Through my art I try to capture the essence of the everyday beauty that surrounds us. Although I often work from photographs it is the freshness of the first glimpse of the subject that I want to convey. I am mostly self taught, although I have advanced my technique at workshops throughout the United States under such noted artists as Arne Westerman, Judi Betts, Ted Nuttal, Tony Couch, Ron Ranson, and other. I exhibit mostly in and around Phoenix but hope to reach out to other areas.

Shows Exhibiting My Work 2003 -2004

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Webb Site:http://hometown.aol.com/tmfred/myhomepage

Contact Information:
Expressions by Theresa Fredricks
Theresa Fredricks
2330 E. Desert Trumpet Road
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 480 759 1926
E-mail: TMFred@aol.com

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