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Scenic Glimses of Ontario

Terry Wilkinson: born in Ireland and immigrated to Toronto , Canada with my parents at 4 years old.I always enjoyed from an early age drawing my surroundings and eventually completed an Arts and Sciece program with the intentions of becoming a commercial artist. But those intentions gave way to a more "practical career."in the sciences.Ironically, I made a living as a laboratory technician formulating [ automotive] paint. But the yearning to observe, interpret and convey the perennial beauty surrounding small town Ontario constantly tugged at my creative side. Eleven years ago at a local High School in Brampton, Ontario I joined an eight week long beginners watercolour class. All the basic techniques were covered but the main theme was always to experiment and have fun. After attending the Heart Lake paint society and several watercolour work shops I still hold on to those initial concepts. My favourite subjects are from small town Ontario - old houses, building and nooks caught in shadows or snow. There are a string of these small towns in the province of Ontario. Travelling the roads to Muskoka's cottage district or down to Scenic Niagra on the Lake one magic scene after the other unfolds.I love to capture these and hopefully, some of the magic remains in my paintings.

Ontario Unfolding

I hope some of these scenes help you to appreciate some of the beauty found in our province of Ontario

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Terry Wilkinson
26 Mitchell Ave
Brampton, Ont. l6z 1h3

Work Phone: 905 846 2545
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Fax: 905 840 9622
E-mail: nikell@idirect.com

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