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The 3C's Enlightened Millionaire

How to generate Income while you sleep

Life and SUCCESS is like a LADDER, not an Excalator ~terlochan~

Coming Soon #1 best selling books " 3C's Enlightened Millionaire"

Live in PASSION.

********** IF YOU DON'T SEE GOD IN ALL, YOU DON'T SEE GOD AT ALL!!!! ********

Contact Information:
The 3C's Enlightened Millionaire
Terlochan Singh
1400 Jalan Indah 9,Kg. Indah, Lembah Jaya
Ampang, Malaysia, Sel. 68000

Work Phone: +603-42915795
Home Phone: +6012-2735795
Fax: +603-4293 5795
E-mail: chanjit@pd.jaring.my

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