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Tara Amodini

About Tara

Tara Amodini is a contemporary artist working primarily in watercolor media. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia, but she was born and raised in Europe, where she has received her Master Degree in International Relations and Law, but inspired by her several trips to the East and Asia, she decided not to pursue her legal career and to become an artist instead. So she attended an Art Academy in Firenze, and also took drawing, design and watercolor classes in Milano.

Tara’s Artworks

Tara’s paintings do not fall into one particular category. They rather carry number of different qualities, styles and elements and cover expanded spectrum of aspects. They stimulate your imagination, allow variations of possible perceptions and interpretations, as well as support free and independent way of thinking. They might be playful, emotional, philosophical, sensual, somewhat provocative, and, in a way, they are what you want them to be, they are what you are willing to find or see in them.  Tara’s involvement and fascination with Eastern culture and philosophy are reflected in her art, thus her paintings - an exotic blend of Eastern and Western; more like a fusion of art, senses and energy, than just a visual art.

You can see Tara's paintings by visiting her web site at http://www.amodiniartgallery.com/.

E-mail: tara@amodiniartgallery.com
Mailing Address: Tara Amodini, P.O. Box 51532, Philadelphia, PA 19115

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