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Tammy Walker-Meyers

Born in Pistol River, Oregon. I paint all of the beautiful vistas that surround my home. I live with my husband on the families large cattle ranch. Most of my watercolors are land and seascapes. Southwest Oregon's coast is where I get all of my inspiration and my art reflects that. Come visit my website and see the paintings I have on display there. Tammy Walker Designs Thanks for your time.

Current Exhibits

Current Projects

Brookings City Center, commissioned art for public display. Working on my website all the time it seems. Tammy Walker Designs please stop by for a visit. Thanks for the opportunity to display my information here at Watercolor Online.

Contact Information:
Tammy Walker Designs
Tammy WalkerMeyers

Brookings, OR 97415

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 5414693512
E-mail: tammypaints@yahoo.com

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