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Artist's Comments

It was thought till now that there is no flexibility in watercolor medium, no change could be made, and it’s a very hard and difficult media. An artist is trapped in its boundaries. I have condemned this philosophy, my work proves that watercolor is a very flexible medium: I can mould my paintings as I wish to, such as changing cold colors to hot or hot to cold and back again at once, and other elements such as textures, lines, shapes, light etc., with keeping up its transparency. My compositions are widely rated for their vividness, veracity, rhythm, almost poetical rapture and transport, easily conveyed by a superb sense of design. Still focusing on the local female figures, images are characterized by an explosion of colors as the vibrant hues of nature spill out of the boundary of their forms and weave complex web of colors, colors splattered, splashed and washed through the dense background jungle. Looking at my artwork, it can clearly be seen that I go to the soul of my figure, i.e. a Thari woman and matka (pitcher). People of Thar have traditional features, attractive dresses and thousands of years old unique heritages of Indus Continent, which make them different from other races. I chose pitcher along with a Thari woman as fetching water through which is seen by the splashes of paint at starting, usage of latest water mediums and chemicals. Likewise, sizes mean nothing to me. I usually paint paintings of sizes 30”X42”, 21”X28”, 42”X62” and 14.5”X21” (Sketches).

Solo Paintings Exhibitions:

A Little About Myself

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, but now I am living New York. Art has always been my profession. Before I was a Principal of an Art College. I have also worked as an Art Director in advertising agencies and have done more than 600 original watercolor paintings for five star hotels. A book has also been published on my art namely MOAZZAM ALI - WATERCOLOR MASTER.

Contact Information:
Moazzam Ali
Syed M Ali
32-60, 82nd st, 2F
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Work Phone: (718)426-3426
Home Phone: (718)426-3426
E-mail: moazzamartist@hotmail.com

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