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I have always wanted to paint and have drawn and doodled, all of my life. I have not gone to school to learn about art. I started out doing oils in the 80's. After developing an allergy to the oils, I started doing pencils, and pastels, but I always loved watercolor. Every time I bought a book, it was watercolor, and I didn't even realize it until one of my friends pointed that out to me, and told me to start watercoloring. In 1991 I took my first workshop and have been hooked since that time. It has been a long slow process because of where I live it is so far to get to go and take any classes. However, I have been blessed to get to take a few. Those being with Joe Belt, Marvin Stevenson, JoBeth Gilliam, Helen Gwinn, Betty Carr, Jan Kunz, Naomi Brotherton, Ken Hosmer and Tony Couch and Don Getz. I am a member of West Texas Watercolor Society, and in the local art asc. in my home town. I have a large flag painting hanging in the Courthouse here. I also did a flag for a 100 year time capsule. You can view my work at www.suzypal.com


Christmas Cards

Currently I am doing lots of Christmas Cards. I do a painting and then scan it, and make the cards on my computer. Right now I am doing "Snow Families." They are snowmen that depict a family. I get information on the family about their pets, occupations, kids, favorite colors, etc, and then I do the painting. Then the cards. I am already taking orders for next year. The original painting and the cards go together. I have several "generic" Snowmen Christmas cards also. I have had so much fun and pleasure out of doing these. I also paint lots of American flags. I quilt and enjoy doing quilt paintings as well. Please Visit my website at www.suzypal.com

Contact Information:
Suzy Pal Art
Suzy Pal
Rt. 1 Box 60
Plains, TX 79355

Work Phone: 806-456-3411
Home Phone: 806-456-3411
E-mail: palflag@crosswind.net

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