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Love to see exciting shapes and colors in your watercolors? Try exploring with "Yupo" It is a plastic paper which is available from Cheap Joes Artstuff. It takes a lot of patience and in this case patience is not a virture, but a necessity. It is very exciting and I am now teaching the use of Yupo in my classes. My students love it! In January of 2000, I will have a painting on Yupo displayed at the Third Annual Members Contemporary Art Show in Sacramento, California for the State Senators. It will be on display for one year.

A Little Bit of History

Dancing Watercolors

My current series is of dancers, from the Lindy, Salsa, and Tango to Country dancing and the Circle Dance. The comment that I hear the most regarding my work is, "I really feel like they are moving". Your goal in painting should be to never stop learning and experimenting. That is how I became interested in Yupo paper.

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