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Stevie Marie Russell

Alaskan Artist

Stevie Marie Russell introduces her first limited edition to the internet. A graphic designer by trade doing fine arts on her own. She enjoys many different medias and also does custom artwork for clients. Stevie recently finished a design for a wall mural painted on glass. Stevie is available to do any type of art request including; all forms of painting, color pencil, pen & ink, fabric arts, and quilting.

Main Information

To Contact Stevie

You can contact Stevie with any questions about her work and check out her new edition "Resting Moose"

Contact Information:
TriArt Designs
Stevie Marie Russell
2537 E. 70th Avenue, Suite 47
Anchorage, AK 99507

Work Phone: 907-349-7207
Home Phone: 907-265-4880
Fax: 907-265-4850
E-mail: stevie@alaskatextiles.com

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