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Watercolor Paintings of Chicago

Using traditional watercolor mediums and techniques I paint urban settings of Chicago's infrastructure, such as viaducts, roadways, and bridgestructures. My watercolor paintings depict well traveled, though scarcely noticed, and often neglected urban areas. Architecturally timeless, yet unmistakably contemporary, the character of these landscapes represent abstracted function, and hard usage. Portraying this type of subject matter I formulate ideas and awareness of these unusual places. Using contrasting dramatic values, implied motion, and in your face perspective I place the audience in an intimate juxtaposition to the work by focusing their awareness on these apparently ordinary urban settings, and so reinventing and transforming these seemingly foreign and mundane places into objects of vibrancy and curiosity. Recently I have focused my attention on a broader range of urban settings. I now paint more close-up views of the settings I choose, thus isolating and abstracting my compositions by excluding them from their surroundings which include urban architectural structures contrasted with natural elements such as trees.

Please feel free to see more of Steve's Watercolours at http://www.xnet.com/~honore

Contact Information:

Steve Skinner
1739 N. Honore
Chicago, IL 60622

Work Phone: 773 235-3331
Home Phone: 773 235-3331
Fax: 773 235-3331
E-mail: honore@xnet.com

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