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Sonja Craen

I try to express my feelings with art, everything I looked for in the past, everything I've found, I've tried to put it in my works together with the love for art in general, life and the beauty of it all.

Solo Exhibitions

Watercolor: I love it, because it's so difficult and honest. This medium teases the painter and challenges the artist to react. It surprises you by living its own life with the color and water you give it. No other medium can reflect as much light as watercolors do. Pastel: I love it, because of the beautiful colors. It's amazing how many different colors and nuances are born by working on and on. The possibility to adjust, to start over again and replace and the softness and ethereal of the material.

Contact Information:

Sonja Craen
Dennenlaan 13
Wommelgem Belgium, 2160

Work Phone:
Home Phone:
E-mail: sonjacraen@pandora.be

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