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I believe that, like scientists and poets, visual artists, especially the visionary imagists , are the new mystics of the modern world. Through my work,emerges a surreal vision, containing Shinto-like personae, which speak from deep, rarified realms, ofttimes urging the viewer to consider the costs of irrevocable species/habitat eradication.

Although chiefly a "self-actualizer" for most of 33 years, I have begun the steps along the path of revealing this visionary work. Within the scenarios…architectural and natural wonders and almost( not yet!) mythical beasts…embarking upon a journey of their own.. How long before they are no longer with us?

I work in a variety of media, continuosly adding to the repertoire… Other sites are in-the-works, as are a few exciting collaborations in Design Arts.

I remain active in my advocacy for the arts, yet have shifted my focus toward developing the Design and Production Studio, Cloudland Productions and conjuring creations, in painting media and jewery design from Seven Wonders Design Studio.

As new media tools are acquired,the emotions involved in the experience of working with "natural media" remain as intriguing as ever!

Some Venues of Exhibition include:

Artist’s Statement

I seek to establish an intimate, real communication with the viewer, such that the viewer may experience the very spaces in which I journey in my quest for connections. My paintings of recent years expand upon the illustrative/narrative characteristics of visionary imagry. Recent works evoke a miriad of ancient or renewed philosophies, often concerning the irrevocable costs of species/habitat eradication. I am concerned about the destruction of indiginous cultures and the destruction of the ecosystem of our home planet. I explore realms of spirit and inspiration,realms of microcosm and macrocosm,interiors of minerals,stellar phenomena .. visions. Current paintings employ mixed media collage, utilizing a variety of textures and effects. I often imagine an effect, then seek a novel way of creating it, adding mystery and heightening the sense of discovery that embues each new exploration. Future works will continue to explore collage methods and expand my vocabulary in mixed media textures and digital art forms.

Contact Information:
Seven Wonders Design Studio
Sheila A Sullivan
P.O. Box 53176
New Orleans, LA 53176

Work Phone: 1-888-392-4832
Home Phone: 1-888-392-4832
Fax: 7773332222

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