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Biography and General Information:

Madrona Studio is located high on a hill in North Saanich on Vancouver Island. The view from my window includes the ever-changing sea, the British Columbia coastal mountain range and many of the Gulf Islands. I also enjoy the company of an ancient 3-storey Madrona (Arbutus) tree. It is the local west coast beauty that inspires me: the landscapes, seascapes, gardens, flowers and the area's heritage homes provide never-ending painting opportunities. My art instruction began with a basic art media course at the University of Alberta and has also included workshop and private instruction from many well-known Canadian and U.S. artists over the past several years. The most recent workshop events have included: a one week workshop on Saltspring Island sponsored by the Federation of Canadian Artists which included instruction from Judi Betts, Robert Genn, Richard Nelson, Alan Wylie and Kiff Holland; a one week workshop taught by U.S. artist Linda Doll and a one week workshop conducted by Canadian artist Linda Kemp. Each year I exhibit and sell paintings in at least four local art shows. I have been fortunate to win a number of jurors awards at these shows.


VISIT MY WEBSITE AT: http://www3.telus.net/22trains/paintings/paintings.htm

Watercolor painting is a challenge I very much enjoy. It leads me down many pathways; pathways that show me new ways to see the world, pathways that open doors to a wealth of learning experiences and pathways to new friends and associates. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

Contact Information:

Sharon Malcolm
1200 Readings Drive
Sidney, B.C. Canada, V8L 5L2

Work Phone:
Home Phone:
E-mail: sharobmal@telus.net

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