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Sergey Bogachev

I was born in 1936, in Moscow, Russia. My desire for watercolor painting became apparent in my early childhood. The art has not become my profession, but it has always remained in the centre of my interests.

In my pictures there are architectural ensembles, forests at any season, rivers and lakes, sometimes sea. As time went on, the technique was gradually improved, the insight of creative objectives was rising little by little, drawing methods were refined step by step. All of these came out in choice of subjects, in color palette, in drawing manner.

The beauty of Russian nature is my main source of creativity, pouring in my soul the divine note and giving me the power even in the evening of my life to cover dozens of miles for the sake of small, but a perfect sketch.

Welcome to my online gallery http://home.talkcity.com/MemoryLn/bogachev/index.htm

S.C. Bogachev

Contact Information:

Sergey Bogachev
Moscow, Russia,

Work Phone: NA
Home Phone: NA
Fax: NA
E-mail: tinge2000@yahoo.com

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