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Florence Shen (Seng Mu Lan)

Florence Shen (Seng Mu Lan) is a Multi-Talented artist. She is versatile in traditional Chinese Painting,egg engraving, Chinese Calligraphy, stone seal engraving, Portrait painting, cartoon drawing.Her speciality is collage. Florece's talent in creativity and scenes of colours are highly commended.

Group Exhibitions

Florence Shen

Florence Shen is an artist whose creations span a wide field. It is this versatilituy which makes her works so interesting be they traditiona Chinese paintings, more surresalistic works on canvas or collage with usage of naval materials.She started early on with capturing the human form on canvas, moved on to artoon drawing and portrature. She the widened her field and added l collage, Chinese brush painting,calligraphy and both egg and stone seal engraving.A unique style of scroll mounting came next.Florence Shen likes to experiment and makes good and refreshing use of various mediums in her contemporary paintings.Her creativeness and sureness in different techniques and styles make her works attractive to a wide swgment of different clienteles

Contact Information:
Florence Shen
Seng Mu Lan
46, Jalan Mutiara
Singapore, 249221

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 7371452
Fax: 7371452
E-mail: florence.shen @ pacific. net.sg

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