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Sarah Madsen born in London,England. Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London in 1992. After gaining a BA Hons In Jewellery Design, has currently returned to her 1st love of drawing & painting. Now living in California happily married with 3 small children. "Observation and the good old fashion pastime of people watching, fuel my desire to capture the moment. Drawing from life for me is the absolute challenge I love. Nothing can replace it."

Exhibitions & Awards

Future Ambitions

My work currently is a mix of representation and illustrative nature on a small scale . I'm aiming to produce finer drawings & paintings through going to study the classical representation based courses. Also I'm in love with precious metal and would love to produce organic wearable jewellery or sculpture. My love of design & colour will be pursued through Enamelling.

Contact Information:
Sarah Madsen Arts. www.absolutearts.com/madsen
Sarah E Madsen
19610 Woodland Hills lane
Royal Oaks, CA 95076

Work Phone: 831-722-0469
Home Phone: 831-539-6853
Fax: 831-722-0469
E-mail: sarahemadsen@prodigy.net

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