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Zero In on Wonderful Watercolors by Kay Smith

Dazzle Rich Vibrant Watercolor Easily

To capture a viewer's interest, solicit their eyes by seducing them with dazzling pure transparent watercolors! Using a pencil drawing and value sketch, begin your painting by moving dark pigment first onto 140# CP Arches paper either wet or dry. I use only 1"-2" flat sable brushes. Follow with midtones and lights in an alla prima method wet into wet. Rarely do I go back into the area. Avoid opaque color unless using as the last coat of paint; opaques tend to muddy and don't let light through. Finish by adjusting values if needed. Always use fresh paint and let watercolor work its magic by allowing to mix on the paper not the palette.


For Fun Try Watercolor!

Be bold and have fun in your artwork! Zero in on the amazing capabilities and exciting effects of watermedia which offer a sparkle no other medium has. Try your hand at this endeavor, take a workshop, talk to other artists and be brave! Who knows? You might give up oils!!!

Contact Information:
Brushworks Studio Gallery
Sally Kay Smith
2106 Scurry
Big Spring, TX 79720

Work Phone: 915-263-6466
Home Phone: 915-263-ARTT
Fax: 915-267-3920
E-mail: ksmith@apex2000.net or kaysmith@watercolor-online.zzn.com

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