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Original Watercolors of R. D. ERICKSON

It is all in what you see

Some people see only what is in front of them, some only use their eyes. I try to see what is around me and create watercolors that prompt your heart. A native born Floridian, "rd" entered the military service and while engaged in that effort found the time to learn how to use watercolor. He entered his first local show with a painting of Palm Trees at a desert oasis and won first place. Over the next 12 years he continued to show and sell his paintings, winning numerous awards and all color of ribbons for his mostly landscape and flower paintings. On retirement he went back to school and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Florida. He has had several one person displays of his art and been in other group shows with only one or two other artists. For a season he put aside the brush and color, only occasionally bringing it out when the urge was strong. He has now taken it up again with a serious desire to give another chance to the art that lurks inside.

rd's original watercolor website

You are invited

to take a look at his art, enjoy, and see the real and the fantasy that watercolor can create.

Contact Information:
Roy David Erickson
Rt. 6, Box 443-P
Lake City, FL 32025

Work Phone: (386) 758-7567
Home Phone:
E-mail: d44o8e@earthlink.net

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