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Rose W Doster

Artist Rose W Doster

Rose W Doster works in all media of the arts.Having painted in watercolor for over 35 years, it is her favorite medium. Currently she is working on full sheet watercolor paper producing large paintings of seascapes and landscapes enpleinaire near her Eastern Shore home in Maryland.She accepts commissions.A member of many art organizations,she is currently the Maryland State Association President of the National League of American Pen Women,Inc. a national organization of artists, writers and musicians.Mrs Doster lives with her husband of 44 years and an old english sheepdog who travels with her on her painting trips.Her paintings are in many private collections both in the United States and abroad. S


artist statement

The Artist, Rose W Doster first must "feel" the subject and them she determines what medium it is best suited for eitherwatercolor, oil, pastel,or if the message to be conveyed would best be done as a sketch in pencil or ink. Each subject dictates its own medium.A true Artist can create using whatever medium is at hand, if it "fits" the subject, the mood and the feeling it gives the artist.

Contact Information:
potpourri arts and crafts
Rose Wilhelm Doster
9472 Quail Run Rd
denton, Md 21629

Work Phone: 410-364-5637
Home Phone: 410-364-5637
E-mail: enpleinaire @aol.com

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