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Ron was born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1961. Originally, he studied modern linguistics. Later on, he started a career in the meetings & convention industry. Today he is responsible for marketing, PR and sales for a Leipzig-based service company. He likes travelling which gives him an opportunity to find out more about the mentalities and cultures in other countries. Throughout his journeys, the sketchbook and watercolour pad have always been his faithful companions. Thus he creates his own personal souvenirs of other cities, countries and landscapes. Unlike those holiday snaps which are quickly taken and quickly forgotten, a painted picture will always continue bringing back precious memories of people, of light and shadow, or of the smells in the air. Of course, Ron keeps finding nice things to paint in his native area as well. Some people say that his paintings are romantic; both the subjects and the style. This is probably true.

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Ronald E Koetteritzsch
Heinrich-Budde-Strasse 20
Leipzig, Germany, D-04157

Work Phone:
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E-mail: ron-le@web.de

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