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Rick Mundy is an accomplished artist in transparent watercolor and specializes in realistic landscapes and seascapes. He has had 20 of his works published as front covers and has won an Award of Merit for front cover design by Manhattan Arts International. For two consecutive years he has received the award for the best front cover for a neighborhood publication in the state (NYS Press Association). Rick has had his art favorably critiqued in The New York Times, NYC Galleries, and Artspeak International; and utilized by Distinction magazine, The L.I. Convention & Visitors Bureau, Boating World, The Encyclopedia of Living Artists, and other publications. His work is carried internationally by Galaxy of Graphics.

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My work is normally recognized as being Seascapes and Landscapes, but................... when I saw the Manhattan scene from a rooftop view in Chelsea, I was intrigued. Roof gardens, gargoyles, landmarks and endless variety of watertanks (106) were captured in my characteristic realism in these nine paintings: "The Chelsea Series". A completely different aspect of the city, a rooftop view, unfolds this fascinating vertical treatment through nine serial transparent watercolor paintings, beginning with a northern view (The Empire State Building), through east and ends looking south (The World Trade Center). It took two years to finish, squeezed among all the other commitments that I had made. It was an act of love, painted from the roof of The Carteret Hotel (23rd and 7th), where our daughter had been renting for four years. It enabled me to have some quality time with her, while the works were in progress. Then, one day she told me she was moving to a Brownstone in Brooklyn and would I ever have time to ................... Thank You for visiting this page and I hope you get a chance to view my site. Rick.

Contact Information:

Rick Mundy
8 Andrea Drive
Setauket, NY 11733

Work Phone: 631-689-6298
Home Phone: 631-689-6298
Fax: 631-689-3696
E-mail: RMundyWC@aol.com

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