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Richard James Lewis


Richard was born in England. Moved to the United States at 10 months.  He is married and has twin boys. His works are primarily automotive. His current series is called " the Fraternal Series" where two related cars reflect on each other. He enjoys the challenge of making difficult reflections look real in the most difficult medium- watercolor. He has shown at the Automotive Hall of Fame Museum in Dearborn, MI and at the San Diego Automotive Museum. He spends as much as 400 hours spread over 3-4 months on a single 40"x60" painting.


    Sept 04- February 05 Classic cars San Diego Automotive Museum
    Feb 05- Jun 05 Italian Cars San Diego Automotive Museum solo show
    July 05 - Sept. 06 Reflections Automotive Hall of Fame Museum Dearborn MI.
    Invitational group show Aug 31- sept 4 06 American cars Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival Auburn, IN
    Solo exhibition at the San Diego Automotive Museum Dec 2006- Apr 2008

    Invitational group show sept 2008 Newport Beach Concours D'elegance

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    Contact Information:

    Richard J Lewis
    po box 11263
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

    Work Phone: 310 849 8119
    Home Phone: 310 849 8119
    E-mail: rlewis@rlewisstudio.com

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