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I was born in West Virgina and moved to North Carolina in 1964 and have since made it my home. I started painting in 1984 in oils, but later tried watercolor and found that it offered something I had not found in other mediums. I can't explain it but there is a sense of high when you watch watercolor move on a wet piece of paper. I especially love the coast and take special interest in lighthouses. I generally use snapshots as reference adding or leaving out what I feel will make an appropriate painting.

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Although I love to paint and find it relaxing, my main calling is as a Baptist minister. I have served Southern Baptist churches since 1970. I am very grateful to God for any talent or success that has come my way.

Contact Information:
Fisher Paintings
Richard Ray Fisher
2489 Little River Road
Asheboro, N.C. 27205

Work Phone: 336-381-3716
Home Phone: 336-381-3716
E-mail: fishpntg@asheboro.com

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