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Light and Beauty

Since I was a very small child I have been interested and also very adept at drawing and painting. Throughout my childhood and into high school I won many prizes in art competitions. I was offered two scholarships to pursue fine Art in colleges in my hometown of Abilene, Texas. Wanting to move on (mostly wanting to move away) to other places I turned both offers down and headed off to pursue fine art in other states. During this journey in learning I aquired experience and also appreciation for those who originally supported my artistic efforts in that small Texas town. As things are bound to happen I became distracted and ended up with a degree in Physics from the University of Texas. I had rebelled at the then current thinking in Art education that Art was not a thing you taught but rather a subject you talked endlessly about and never even attempted to perfect in a technical way. At least with Physics you could always depend that there was at least one right answer. Being both visually adept and technically competent I have pursed a rewarding career in electronic product development for the past 15 years. Now however, I have taken the time to realize that my real joy will lie in full-time fine art expressed through my favorite medium of watercolor. Although I have not quit my "day job" I am progressing substantially in this field and already enjoying some success. My watercolors are what I would call realistic impressionism. They are mostly of landscapes because in nature I believe God's real creation is so well displayed. I work from slides aquired through trave and on the spot sketches. I try to convey the depth and light of a place and how it reflects the beauty in the world. Accomplishements

Some things done and yet to do.

Currently producing fine Watercolors for collectors all over the US.

Contact Information:
Richard C Counts

Austin, TX

Work Phone: 512-260-6786
Home Phone: 512-751-7864
Fax: 512-418-9955
E-mail: www.artalivenow.com

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