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About The Artist

Rebecca took her first watercolor class at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and it was love at first sight. Up untill then, she had been working primarily in oils. She finds the freshness and vitality of watercolors to be consistant with her outlook on life. In 1997, following a divorce and layoff from Corporate America, Rebecca made the decision to follow the deep longing in her heart to go back to her soul's first love... the creation of art. The evolution of her talent and style is constant and she finds the re-births energizing. The joy that she feels when she is painting is what she tries to express in her paintings.

Formal Education

On-line Art


Contact Information:

Rebecca Jean Gharis
802 South Avenue, Apartment C-10
Secane, PA 19018

Work Phone: 610-604-4920
Home Phone: 610-604-4920
Fax: n/a
E-mail: Marswmn@aol.com

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