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Visit my website at www.artbyrachel.co.uk and see my paintings,cards etc. Prints and cards are also available to buy from www.claughonphotography.co.uk. I am a self taught artist working in watercolour, pastel and on silk and teach painting to adults several times a week. I would rather be painting than doing anything else and find it wonderful to be able to make almost a living from what I love most. I will have a go at most subjects-- I even painted a portrait of someones aeroplane once-- but I enjoy colour- and flowers give me the opportunity to paint the rainbow in our gardens. Now I run classes & workshops and demonstrate to art clubs as well as exhibiting and selling my paintings. Teaching others something that I taught myself to do has is an inspiration and I am more than happy to pass on tips to anyone needing help. I just hope I have the answers! I'm better with a paintbrush than a computer keyboard but I will do my best if anyone e mails! I have recently compiled 2 videos on watercolour painting.The first is entitled Putting Colour into Watercolour. It contains tips for the beginner on washes and dry brush as well as allowing colours to mix on the paper to get those particularly "watercoloury" effects. From my years of teaching it seems to me that many people are afraid to let paint run and therefore they never attain the wonderful wet in wet effects only watercolour can give. This video aims to show you how to get over this problem. In addition to the tips the last 30 mins shows a landscape painting from start to finish. Running time 60mins ( 17.99 +p&p) The second video From Flower to Watercolour is designed for those interested in flower painting and gives lots of tips on suitable techniques and concludes with a complete painting. No brush stroke is missed and you see all the colour mixtures and water content too.Running time 90mins (18.99 + 1.50) pp. Please e mail if you would like one or send a cheque made out to R McNaughton to P O Box 270 Leeds LS17 9WY

Look forward to hearing from you!!

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Rachel Patricia McNaughton
Stonethwaite Scarsdale Ridge Bardsey
Leeds West Yorkshire , U.K LS17 9BP

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E-mail: rachel@artbyrachel.co.uk

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