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Paul Lafleur Watercolor Paintings of Flowers/Landscapes


Paul Lafleur was until recently Manager of International Marketing for a printing and design firm based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Paul,an active painter for 15 years, now devotes all of his free time to painting and is well on his way to achieving a long-held goal to become a full-time artist. An Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Paul has participated in many group and two-man shows and exhibited at several galleries in Western Canada. A former member of the Canadian Diplomatic Service, his paintings are hung internationally. He has studied with well-known artists in Canada and the United States such as Valfred Thelin, Christopher Schink, Frank Webb, Graham Scholes and Brian Atyeo.



He likes to paint flowers, landscapes and still lifes in watermedia including watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Recurrent themes in his landscapes are scenes of old and abandoned structures that represent poignant memories of the past. Flowers that interest him the most are roses, tulips, peonies, dahlias and sunflowers. His style varies according to the subject, look and mood he wants to portray. In general, he paints subjects that appeal to him emotionally. While his paintings can be characterized as representational, they are somewhat stylistic in that values, shapes, textures and colors may deviate from nature to emphasize certain qualities at the expense of other elements. Calligraphy is often introduced to simplify complex objects in their barest recognizable forms. Most of his paintings in acrylic are graphic in style because of the hard edges usually produced with this sort of medium.

Contact Information:
Art Gallery Online
Paul Lafleur
215 Mallin Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7K7X3

Work Phone: 305-931-3156
Home Phone: 306-933-3200
Fax: 306-242-5351
E-mail: plafleur@sk.sympatico.ca

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