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Patrick A. Russo/Moods in Watercolor

Mr. Russo is essentially a self educated artist beginning his art endeavors in oil in 1971 after graduating from the University of Cincinnati in engineering. After painting in oil for over 20 years, he changed his medium to watercolor. This was a milestone in his artistic development as the watercolor medium allowed a rapid approach which matched his personality. He particularly likes the portability of the medium and the excitement of living on the edge by using his wet-in-wet technique. Watercolor has allowed him to paint many of his scenes on location in using the methods of past successful artists. He aims at capturing the mood of the moment in his Ohio scenes rather than merely cataloging nonessential details. It is this basic philosophy that has allowed enjoyment by a wide range of art collectors.

Brief Background

Future Directions

The future holds exciting directions. The artist feels after a number of years of paintings that the surface has just been scratched. There are underlying moods that are many times missed by the casual observer. These moods are what the artist aims at capturing on paper. It is this challenge that motivates him every time he approaches a blank piece of watercolor paper.

Contact Information:

Patrick A Russo
78 Sugar Cane Drive
Boardman, OH 44512

Work Phone: 330-726-9715
Home Phone: 330-544-7696
Fax: 330-544-1002
E-mail: rparusso@cs.com

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