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Fine Art and Photography by Patricia McGurk

Patricia McGurk: Artist Statement

My work in art is a source of spiritual replenishment for me, and I believe that transitive nature is reflected in my paintings and photographs. My focus on the natural world breathes fresh air into my perspective, and enhances my well-being as an artist. I am aware of the metaphorical impact of each of my subjects, and I use the metaphor generously as I work.

Awards and Accomplishments

In Summary

I have studied science (botany, geology, physics and mathematics)as well as music to enhance and provide a firm foundation for my abilities as an artist and photographer. Please stop by my gallery, paintingsandphotos, at http://www.channel21.com/Arts/gouache for a visit!

Contact Information:
Patricia McGurk
P.O. Box 3778
Washington, DC 20007

Work Phone: 202-310-1818
Home Phone: 202-310-1818
Fax: 603-699-8325
E-mail: gouache@hotbot.com

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