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Watercolors by Olivier Marchand

A young French artist exposes online

I am 33 years old, live and work in Paris. I have always been interested by visual arts since my childhood. "Light!" is some kind of a motto for me, perhaps because I was born in Morrocco where the sun shines so heavily, and I was very frustrated of it when my parents came back to the ground of my ancestors in France to the South of Sarthe and Mayenne (North Anjou). Someone told me this could explain the choice of watercolor as my medium, because this is the sole method for giving such light! to a picture (the source of light is indeed better reflected by white paper than by any pigment). Other factors for prefering watercolor include simplicity of hardware, quickness of motion and no-return painting, which all fit my personality. What is "no-return painting"? Simply that you can hardly erase any watercolor. So go on and don't turn back!

Landscapes of France


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Contact Information:
Watercolors MARCHAND
Olivier Marchand
11 rue Emile Dubois
Paris, F-75014

Work Phone: +33 6 1233 9844
Home Phone: +33 1 4589 4014
E-mail: marchand@free.fr

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