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Nutan Shukla - Indian Fine Artist

Philosophy behind my paintings

Colors and lines do not make a painting --which is related to the mind. Paintings are part of me and I take up the subjects which touch me deeply and move me from inside. I express myself through this medium. For me a worker on the street is like an artist as he toils but displays a smile and humility. This life that I saw closely, is reflected in my painting. I like markets, public places, fairs and villages where people of various kinds freely interact with each other. This basic colors that flash in the market place attract me and those are reflected in my paintings. The flea market in Goa and the Pushkar fair in Rajasthan inspired me greatly and I made several paintings on these themes.

Solo Shows

Contact Information:

Nutan S Shukla
Pune, MH 411043

Work Phone:
Home Phone: 91-20-4376091
E-mail: nutans_art@yahoo.co.in

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