Watercolor Online

Nanette L. Jones

Artist Statement

Although Nanette considers herself to be a "self-guided" artist, she has studied extensively on her own and with master artists in workshops. She enjoys experimenting with new materials and techniques. She allows the watermedia to develop before analyzing the direction in which she should proceed. Allowing the watermedia to work for her gives her the freedom to express her innermost feelings in the finished artwork. Painting spontaneously and intuitively allows her artistic journey to be one in which her passion for painting from the heart has evolved.


Happy Painting to All of You!

Nanette welcomes requests for information regarding painting in general as well as classes and workshops offered. She publishes a FREE monthly E-Newsletter about art and business related to art. You may subcribe by sending an e-mail to her with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. You may view her artwork at www.nanettejones.com and at www.itsallcreative.com.

Contact Information:

Nanette L Jones
1122 Shady Lane
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563-3342

Work Phone: 850 934 1539
Home Phone:
Fax: 850 934 1539
E-mail: nanetteljones@bellsouth.net

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