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Cries Unheard

The suffering of night may bring havoc throughout the day I doubt not my Father, for He is the reason why we pray Angel of Darkness, Angel of Light please guide my way I place all my faith in the one above, for here I refuse to stay, A new Holocaust is being born sending race wars into play, The battle is said to be conquered, but yet so many are slain, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger or at least that's what they say, Why so many single mothers are the wives all hidden away? or have omitted our respect by misusing our wombs for play? How dare we disregaurd our ancestors, we weren't taught to be this way We've been cursed from the time of birth, until death shall we mold in clay, Babylon flames in mayhem and there is no one else to blame, the crosses will burn at dusk overcome by winds and rain, our people are in need of fear Must we first be buried in graves? The Creator abides not by flesh, for spirit need be laid, I feel the pain that seeps from confusion, do you not feel much dismay Freedom comes in over drive through words that have no say, recreate the letters beneath the words before deciding to kneel down and pray, I speak for all children of blind misfortune through blessings that have not been saved, tears of anger forever more forced down by unholy rage

Sources of enrichment

Rain Drops

Are these rain drops falling the tears of my Father, for His souls are in mayhem and I know He is bothered, He'd never send out His sheep without his shield as their armour, yet we make our own choices, in death there is no honor, but in live we have love, but which will you conquer, either one are the other for both will not ponder. and read pages not covers details get you futher and never worship ungodly for evil will conjure, therefore the Creator guides my sight, so that I may see the imposters, I ofter emphasize the past although the future is fonder

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