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Mim McConnell, Alaskan Watercolorist and Photographer

About The Artist

"I was born in New Jersey, spent my summers on the coast of Maine, and moved to Alaska in 1975 for the adventure of it. My three children were mostly raised in Port Alexander, a remote fishing village in Southeast Alaska. I have three grandchildren. In the summers I have a small vegetable garden on the stern of our 30’ fiberglass sailboat home. My husband and I enjoy sailing to remote locations where we like to go beachcombing and hiking up alongside mountain streams. Most of my photographs have been taken on these journeys. I enjoy painting watercolors from these photos and doing computer graphic design. During the winter, I spend time working on our business, Shelter Cove Publishing, and its projects, and giving watercolor classes. I am also employed as a Business Advisor with the Sitka Business Resource Center."


Images of Mim's Work

Images of Mim's work, both watercolors and photography, can be seen at her website: www.tongass.com.

Contact Information:
Shelter Cove Publishing
Mim McConnell
617 Katlian St. #T5-04
Sitka, AK 99835

Work Phone: 907-747-2860
Home Phone: 907-966-3301
E-mail: mim@tongass.com

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