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Micheal Zarowsky Watercolours on Gessoed Panels

      Micheal Zarowsky seems to have a line of vision that is altogether novel and intriguing. He sees  some fragment of a far larger landscape and he takes this element, turns it a little plays with the colours, and creates a painting that is a highly appealing blend of impressionism and realism. Micheal has an uncanny ability to isolate the essence of a landscape, and the lluminate the small part of the whole, which  becomes the very symbol of that which it represents. That, of course, is what abstraction is all about; but the genius of Micheal Zarowsky is that he presents the effect of abstraction while he is actually painting  in a realistic way some isolated element that signifies, with utmost economy, the wider scene.

Canadian painter, working in watercolour, acrylic and pastels.

Member CSPWC

Combined Hons Degree in Philosophy & Psychology, York University, Toronto, 76

Website: www.zarowsky.net


______________RECENT EXHIBITIONS____________


April 12 – 18 - Watercolours painted directly on gessoed birch panels & on Arches paper -

Ontario Landscapes & Parisian Cityscape, Leonardo Gallery – 133 Avenue Rd., Toronto

      Contact Information

     Website: www.zarowsky.net
     Email: micheal@zarowsky.net
     Tel: 1.416.925.8510

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